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Il fratello idiota

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My name is Ashley and my best friend’s name is Sarah; we’re both the same age (16 at the time this story happened), and we’ve known each other since we were in elementary school, so we seldom spent much time apart as we grew up.
During the summer between our 10th and 11th grades, though, I went on a long vacation with my family and thus I didn’t see Sarah for about two months until August of that year, just before school was about to start. So you could say I was surprised when I finally did drop by her house to go swimming before the summer was over.

“Sarah, oh my God! Are you pregnant?”

“Well… yeah,” Sarah said, resting her hands on the generous swelling of her belly.

“Oh my God, how did that happen -?”

I then lowered my voice and added, “I thought you said you were a virgin!”

“Well, I was,” Sarah said, “but then I had this accident…”

That wasn’t TOO hard to imagine; Sarah was a pretty redhead and – unlike me – had a nice pair of boobs, so I could imagine her possibly getting herself knocked up at a party or such. Myself, on the other hand, probably not; I looked more like a boy with my flat chest and short blond hair, and most boys weren’t all that interested in me.

“Come up to my room,” Sarah added in her own whisper, “and I’ll tell you what happened.”

Needless to say, I was beside myself with curiosity and followed Sarah upstairs to her room, which was opposite her parent’s room and down the hall from her 17-year old brother Jacob’s room. Jacob happened to be in his room as we passed, working out with weights, and seemed a little embarrassed when he saw Sarah.

“Okay now,” Sarah said, once we were in her room, “don’t dare tell anyone, but Jacob is the father.”

“Jacob!?!” I exclaimed. “No way!”

“SHHH!” Sarah said, putting a finger to her lips. “Yes way.”

“Oh, man… girl, that is sick! With your own brother?”

“Well, like I said, it was an accident…”

“Like what, he slipped and fell in your hole?”

“Ashley, do you want to hear the story or what?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry. So how did it happen?”

Sarah then went on to tell me the sordid details while changing out of her T-shirt and jeans and into a turquoise bikini top and wrap (for later when we planned to go swimming in her pool). Way back in April when the weather started to warm up, Sarah couldn’t resist going for a swim while her parents were at work and (she thought) her brother was at baseball practice.
So figuring no one could see, she took off her swimsuit and paddled around for a while until she heard a strange sound coming from her brother’s room. She immediately realized her brother was there, so she put on her swimsuit, hurried upstairs and asked if he was watching her. He claimed he wasn’t, but from the way his voice was strained Sarah could tell something was up; Jacob tried to keep her out of his room, but she barged right in and found him with his cock stuck through one of his barbell weights.

“No way! Seriously?”

“Seriously,” Sarah said; “but wait, it gets better…”

Since Jacob felt masturbation wasn’t manly – but he was definitely turned on by his sister – he decided to try fucking the hole in one of his 5-pound weights instead (figuring that would be more manly I guess), but then his erection got so big it got stuck.

“Seriously, it was HUGE,” Sarah said. “As big as your forearm!”

I glanced at my forearm, which was slender, but still…

For a manly young man like Jacob, going to the hospital with a 5-pound weight on his dick was even more mortifying a prospect than being caught masturbating, but Sarah was sympathetic. After pausing just long enough to grab her camera and snap a picture (and freak out Jacob), she told Jacob she would help him get his dick loose if he promised to be her slave forever and ever. I thought that sounded a bit harsh taking advantage of her idiot brother like that, but Jacob agreed and Sarah then proceeded to sit Jacob on his bed, drop to her knees and give him a blowjob.

“No fucking way! Seriously?”

“Seriously. He actually started crying – because it was really sensitive, I guess – but then he went off like you wouldn’t believe. He squirted a huge gob in my mouth – which was gross – then the rest squirted all over my boobs and got me all sticky. But the swelling did go down, and eventually we were able to get the weight loose with a whole bunch of dish soap.”

“Damn, girl, you’re a total slut!”

“Well, it’s not like anybody knew…and it was pretty sweet for a while. Since he was my slave, and I had the picture well-hidden where he’d never find it, I made him eat my pussy every day after school after that, and I’d give him blowjobs too if he was really good and made me cum. But then one day – after he finger-fucked me and I was all stupid with cumming – he just climbed on top of me and stuck his cock right inside me.”

I stared at Sarah, disbelieving. Indeed, if she weren’t swollen up like a beachball I’d have sworn she was shitting me.

“I told him to get off me,” Sarah continued, “or I’d tell everyone about him jerking off, but he didn’t care. He just started humping me, really fucking the shit out of me, and he said he was going to knock me up good for being such a bitch. I told him he BETTER not cum in me – and tried to push him off me – but he just held on tight and kept on fucking me until he came. I could actually feel it – his cum squirting inside me – and it ran all over my legs when he finally let me up. I ran to the bathroom and tried to wash it out, but he must have shot it really deep because he got me good the very first time.”

“Damn, girl, that is fucking sick! Your own brother…?”

Sarah shrugged.

“But still…”

“Still what?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I’m kinda jealous,” I admitted. “I’m still a virgin and here you are all knocked up with your brother’s kid.”

“Twins, actually. That’s why I’m so big.”

“Jesus Christ! Do your mom and dad know?”

“Are you kidding? I said it was some guy I met at a party. From another school, forget his name, didn’t get a good look at his face.”

“So did you ever do it again, after that first time?”

“Sometimes,” Sarah replied, “if Jacob was REALLY good. After all, he couldn’t knock me up any more than I already was.”

“But damn… you’re going to have your brother’s babies here in…what…?”

“Four months,” Sarah said.


Sarah looked at me sympathetically, then moved over next to the chair where I was sitting and sat on the armrest.

“So,” Sarah said, “would you like some cock too?”

I swear I felt my heart flip over in my chest. In fact I did want some cock, and very badly, though I was too nervous and freaked out to articulate that clearly. I did manage to nod, though, and Sarah nodded back.

“I know you’re there, Jacob,” Sarah said to the door. “You can come in now.”

Jacob, who was indeed there, obediently came around the corner.

“Jacob,” Sarah said, “my little friend Ashley would like to see your cock. Would you show it to her please?”

“Jeez, Sis, do I have to…?”

“It’s that or have the whole school see your dick in a donut.”

“Okay, fine.”

Jacob then opened the fly of his jeans and revealed a very healthy-looking penis – in fact the first penis I’d ever seen in person – at least 5 inches long just hanging there. I’ll admit I was a little afraid of it at first – I mean a boy’s cock isn’t exactly pretty with all those veins and pubic hair – but then I realized Jacob wasn’t going to try anything unless I was cool with it first; so I reached out to touch it, tentatively, and he was fully hard within seconds of my grabbing it by the base of the shaft. Maybe it wasn’t as big as my forearm, but it must have been at least 7 inches long and then some; just holding it and feeling it pulse – with those big heavy balls hanging down beneath it – made me feel woozy.

Unlike Sarah, I hadn’t yet changed for the pool so I was still in my green top, jeans and sneakers, but Sarah soon had those off of me, and had Jacob naked too. I felt very nervous, of course (and more than a little self-conscious about my tiny titties and boyish body), but Sarah soon convinced me that Jacob was thoroughly under our control; plus since he still disliked masturbating, he had a healthy load of cum built up which he’d be motivated to get rid of.

You can probably guess what happened next; emboldened and horny, I stroked Jacob’s cock (which was already oozing precum) until it blasted all over me, then enjoyed my first taste of a boy going down on me as he expertly sucked on my virgin pussy until I came. Then Sarah produced a condom and personally slid it down over Jacob’s reinvigorated hard-on.

“Now you’d better not try to get Ashley pregnant,” Sarah said to Jacob sternly, “or I’ll be VERY upset. Understand?”

“Yes, Sarah,” Jacob said obediently.

Jacob then moved in between my legs and – as I watched with my heart aflutter – he gently lowered his swollen helmet into my tiny virgin hole. It did hurt, but Jacob finally broke through my hymen, then started pushing deeper inside me. His cock was really thick and hard – stretching my inside muscles as it sank inside me – and I was seriously stunned when I felt his helmet kissing my cervix, and his balls on my ass.

“Oh -!” I gasped, looking Jacob in the eyes; “Jacob, you’re really in me!”
Jacob replied with a smile, letting me savor his thickness for a long moment, then finally started fucking me. He started slow and gentle, then switched to fucking me fast and furious – slapping my ass with his balls – then changed up the pace at random so I couldn’t tell what was coming next. Despite being ‘coerced’ by his sister, Jacob obviously enjoyed taking my virginity, and I gasped with shock and surprise whenever he locked eyes with mine, then rammed in deep and ground his pubic bone against my cunny mound.
Sarah, in fact, had to remind me to breathe, but aside from that it was paradise; once I got used to Jacob’s size, his cock just slid up and down inside my creamy hole like a piston in a chamber, and I trembled like a little girl on Christmas morning when he made me cum again, grinding my tiny clitoris between our pubic bones and slapping my ass with his balls.

As for not getting me pregnant, though, I guess Jacob’s cock had other ideas. His brain clearly registered that Sarah had the capacity to blackmail him, but he was thinking with his cock at the moment, and his cock’s priority was obviously giving me a belly full of babies. After fucking me to a third shuddering climax, he let me rest a moment, then (while Sarah wasn’t looking) he slipped the condom off his cock and plunked his naked cock right back up inside me. I saw what he did – and felt his stiffness fill me once again – but I was so startled I couldn’t even gasp with surprise.
The danger made my heart race faster (‘OH MY GOD,’ I thought, ‘HE’S GOING TO CUM INSIDE ME – !!!’), but all I could do was just lay there, feeling his now-naked penis smashing into me, slapping and slurping in my tight, creamy hole. Then suddenly it happened: feeling the sperm boiling up from his balls, Jacob rammed his cock in as deep as it would go and then held it there, pressing his cockhead into my cervix and squirting rope after rope of his thick, creamy semen right into the mouth of my womb. And believe it or not, I could actually feel it – not just the pulsing of that delicious cock inside me – but every hard pulse of sperm as it thudded into the back of my pussy.

“Dude,” I gasped, after Jacob finally stopped thrusting and lay still inside me, “did you cum in me?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” Jacob said; “you’re just so cute, I couldn’t help myself…”

Only then did Sarah finally realize what had happened; moving around to the end of the bed, she got an eyeful of Jacob’s sperm oozing down the back of my ass, overflowing the tightly-stretched mouth of my pussy.

“You BASTARD!” Sarah said. “What did I just tell you about cumming in my friend!?”

“Um…that I shouldn’t…?”

“GODDAMN IT!” Sarah said, punching Jacob in the arm with surprising force; “YOU FUCKING PRICK!”

Only then did Jacob finally pull out (uncorking a flow of cum that promptly soaked my thighs, my ass, and the bed beneath me), whereupon he then beat a hasty retreat from the room with Sarah close behind, making various hair-raising threats (such as threatening to hang him by his balls, or cut off dick). Dumbbells
by Sakka (


Sister blackmails brother, who then impregnates sister and her best friend (with twins and triplets, no less). (MFF-teens, inc, 1st, blkmail, preg)


For my part, meanwhile, I was too stunned to do anything but lie there for the moment, soaking in the puddle of sperm beneath my ass; but then, with horror, I remembered that my last period was exactly two weeks earlier – making this the worst possible time to get a bellyful of cum – and I had a sudden vision of a hundred million wriggling tadpoles gang-mugging the poor eggs almost certainly now lying ripe and defenseless in my tummy.

When I finally could move, I put my clothes back on, then found Sarah and told her not to worry about what Jacob had done. I’d enjoyed my first fuck, and we only did it the one time, so I probably wouldn’t get pregnant.
But in fact I was wrong; not only did Jacob’s sperm mug my eggs, but they mugged them royally and knocked me up with TRIPLETS!

So here I am now four months along with a bulging tummy already starting to show, and a best friend who’s just about ready to pop with twins who are – weirdly enough – the brother and sister of my daughter and two sons (or at least that’s what the ultrasound says I’m going to have).
Needless to say, it’s supremely embarrassing to waddle to school and have everyone in school whisper about the dumb cunt who got herself knocked up despite being too homely to have a boyfriend, and sometimes I feel about as bright as one of Jacob’s dumbbells when I realize how stupid I was; like Sarah, though, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of getting an abortion so that wasn’t in the picture.
Seeing as I’m still in high school and have enough trouble just taking care of myself, I think I’ll probably end up giving my brood up for adoption (which is also Sarah’s plan), but I guess we’ll see about that later.

In the meantime, I know one thing for damn sure: I plan to wring a whole lot of fucking out of Jacob before I get too big for him to fuck!

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