Twenty years have passed

Twenty years have passed, and the old baby has grown up to be a young girl-no, it should be a boy-not right, it should be a pair of intersex talents at the age of teenagers. However, because her appearance is almost similar to that of women, most people also regard the princess as a woman.

In fact, she is absolutely beautiful if she is by female standards; she has long curly blond hair, watery blue apricot eyes, high white noses, small red lips, and white smooth skin. The physical qualities of her parents can be found on her face, no wonder she has become a stunning beauty. Bust is close to forty inches, arms and legs are strong and strong, and never lose to boys; however, in this mother


   In the kingdom of society, women have always been stronger than men, especially in bed, always the one who is in charge.

Although, her lower body has an eight-inch meat stick, which shows her bisexual emblem; but instead of inferiority, she proud of this sturdy meat stick and loves this unique one. “Weapon”.

   In fact, since she was born in the entire kingdom of Nibaidi, no one dared to discriminate against intersex persons because of prophecy; of course, before this baby was born, there were no intersex persons in the entire kingdom.

Strangely, since then, in the Kingdom of Nibaidi, there will always be sporadic reports of the birth of intersex people every year; because of the respect of the bisexual baby in the royal family, these intersex people have been regarded as gods. People, parents always give up their families to train them. Gradually, because of the popular relationship between bisexual people, a large group of suitors naturally formed around them, including men and women.

Alexandra and Martin named her Agatha, which means “benevolent”, hoping that she could become a gentleman who loves the people like a child in the future; but, in fact, after Agatha grew up, she “Benevolence”

   fluctuates according to his mood and preferences.

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